Monday, July 17, 2017

What Does it Take to Make a Community?

My tenth post will be about making a community. A community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. One particular trait that give a community character is the ability to communicate with one another. Humans are social beings, so in order to build a community we need to make sure that there are great communications between each and every person. Without great communication skill, everything will come down and be ruined. A leader is also essential to have a community; one that everyone looks up to and can follow orders. The leader’s job is to take care of the whole community; making sure that his or her people is safe and civil with one another. The next thing that we need is to allow marriage and birth. A stable community needs to make sure that their population can survive and not go extinct. If the community has all of these, then I think they can create a great community. If we are talking about technology wise, then social medias are the next best thing to find many communities. The communities on social medias thrives on being social and connected with each other. If this fails, then the social media communities will not survive. Social media is a place where be meet one another; a place where you can interact with people from different places; a place where you do need to physically see the person to be social. This basically destroys the concept of what a community is all about.

Presentation Topic

The topic that I wanted to talk about I terms of technological advancement in our life is augmented reality. I think that in the future augmented reality will take over and be bigger than virtual reality. This is because I think virtual reality is mostly for entertainments, such as video games, movies, and different types of virtual experiences; mostly filled with gimmicks that will one day be forgotten. Augmented reality does have its fair share of gimmicks, especially in applications like Snapchats, Instagram, and Facebook. About two years ago Pokemon Go was the biggest augmented games out there, but the number of users dropped down drastically. The potentials between the two technologies will mostly be with augmented reality because of its practical uses in the future. One idea can be for online shopping. No longer does a person may be afraid of buying clothes online because it would not fit. With augmented technology it may allow us to see ourselves with the outfits on, making our decision to purchase online a lot easier. This can also be incorporated into home decorations as well. The future is looking bright for augmented reality, but we are still very far off from it. The technology right now is still in its early stage making it to be very expensive for the public to purchase. And there are also ethical concerns about giving people the ability to get information about anyone at anytime and anywhere. No matter what I am still banking on the success of augmented reality.


Dot Com to Dot Bomb is talking about the dot-com bubble. This was a historic economic disaster of many speculations that happened between the time of 1997 to 2001. During this time period, there was an explosion of internet adaptation; prompting many people to start their own business that can take advantage of such opportunity. Many of these companies failed, but some manages to survive. On Thursday of week four we had the opportunity to watch a movie based documentary that talks about the dot-com bubble. The documentary was about the three founders (basically two) that started an internet based company, called govWorks, it was almost called NextTown. The company proposition was to create an online website where people can go and pay for their parking tickets instead of going down town to do it. One of the founder named Chieh Cheuing decides to bail out and taking 700 million dollars in cash of investment out of the company. He did not believe that the company will be successful. The company then for a short time period became for successful, but eventually went bankrupt. It is pretty sad to find out that the company manages to hire over 200 employees, but that was reduced to zero. All of those people lost their jobs.  It’s scary to think that if you have a successful company, it may still fail at any moment, reducing your money to zero. Chieh at the beginning was made to look very selfish, but in the end he made the right decision to not lose money.